White / Private Label Honey

Your own branded honey…

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If you would like to sell honey under your own name (white label honey / private label honey), but using our honey or one we have sourced, we are more than happy to do this. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We can do everything for you including designing and printing your own professional labels.

Regardless of if the honey is under our name or yours, or we process it and give it back to you, we document every batch so we have full traceability of it. We offer a very professional service at a relatively low cost.

Types of Honey
We can provide runny honey, soft set honey, or a blend / infused honey. We can put it in containers from mini jars all the way up to large jars, tubs and buckets. We source honey from all over the UK for clients. We can get hold of runny honey from various locations, borage, OSR honey, heather honey etc, or you can use our honey.

Quality Control
We have extensive quality controls in place to ensure everything runs smoothly with your honey processing. We have a Quality Assurance & Regulatory Manager who has been working in the food industry for over 20+ years who oversees all production.

State of the art honey processing equipment
Our 240sqft immaculate dedicated honey processing facility uses state of the art Lyson Premium line equipment. We have several Lyson premium line settling tanks and and automatic filling machine.

Get in touch for more information and trade pricing, the prices for white label honey are much the same as trade prices as it still takes the same amount of effort to produce a jar of honey. The only way you can keep the cost down is by supplying your own honey.