Honey Processing Facility

Being a small family run business, we are fortunate to have access to our very own fully climate controlled 400sqft processing facility that we use for honey. We also use it for our own personal food production, as as we have an orchard and grow lots of other fruit that needs somewhere to be processed.

We also rigidly adhere to our HACCP procedures, which have been approved by Environmental Health who have also given us a five star hygiene rating! 

We use “Trade Approved / Stamped” weighing scales to cross check the dosing from our jarring machine, this is so we can ensure what goes into each jar is the correct weight. 

  • Pallet and pump truck access to honey room

  • Fully air conditioned / climate controlled room 

  • Lyson Premium Line fully heated 42 Frame electric radial extractor

  • Three Lyson 70L Heated Settling / De-crystallisation Tanks

  • Lyson 200L Premium Line Heated Honey Creaming Machine

  • Lyson 50L Premium Line Heated Honey Creaming Machine

  • Lyson 100Kg /hour Cappings Screw Press

  • Lyson Premium Line Jarring Machine with Automatic Turntable

  • Medium Sized Honey Warming Cabinet

  • Adam Cruiser CKT 4M Bench Weighing Scales

  • Adam CPW 300 Plus 300Kg Weighing Scales

  • Neff Hide & Slide Single Oven for warming jars

  • Bosch Dishwasher for washing sieves etc.

  • Large stainless worktop (20sqft) for general use

  • Stainless check weighing and packing tables