Honey Packing Services

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Market Harborough Honey Co. is one of the largest honey packing companies in the Midlands, UK. We are a privately owned, family run business and take pride in what we do. You will have noticed honey packing companies in the UK are far and few between, most of the time you won’t find a honey packing company one on your doorstep. We have a immaculate, dedicated 350sqft honey processing facility.

We class ourselves as specialists in the industry, we can cater for most honey packing jobs ranging from 100 jars to 5000 jars per run. The majority of jobs that we process are around 1000 – 2000 jars per run, we can even processing multiple varieties of honey at the same time.

Customers Own Honey
We can supply our own honey (limited availability), or we can can source UK honey from most regions to suit your needs. You can send us your own honey, you can even send us your own packaging, jars and lids if you wish. We can help and give advice as to what works best and help you stay complaint.

Sourcing of Jars
We can source jars for you fi you would like something slightly different to the norm. We can also supply jars as we buy various sizes by the pallet load. We have good working relationships with large glass suppliers and can supply jars at some of the lowest rates.

State of the art honey processing equipment
Our honey packing facility uses a state of the art fully automatic Lyson Premium Filling Machine thats capable of filling up to 400 jars per hour. We have several Lyson premium line settling tanks and an immaculate, dedicated, 350sqft processing room.

Exhaustive Documentation
We pride ourselves in having an exceptional documentation process for all our honey packing. All honey that enters our premises goes through the same process to ensure full traceability of the honey. We typically collect and store the time and date the honey supers were collected, and when it was processed, the percentage of water contained in the honey, the Brix reading which is the percentage of natural sugar found in the honey, the temperature that the honey has been exposed to during processing. We also check weigh jars as they are filled. All of our honey is gravity strained through a 200 micron filter.

Temperature Controlled Storage
Our honey packing and processing room is temperature controlled to ensure processing and storage of honey is carried out and maintained at an optimum temperature so that  we do not have to worry about advanced granulation of honey where temperatures have got too low.

Packing Options
We offer a totally flexible bespoke service for you would like your honey packed. We hold most sizes of jar in stock with various lid options so an meet your needs most of the time. We can pack honey in trays or boxes to suit you.

Quality Control
We have extensive controls in place to ensure everything runs smoothly with your honey packing. We have a Quality Assurance & Regulatory Manager who has over 20+ years working in the food industry who oversees all production.

Date & Batch Coding
For our own honey and that of honey packing clients, we have a state of the art semi automatic conveyor driven date and batch coding machine that can print directly on to glass, lids, labels, outer cases etc. This gives you that professional look, just like other producers use. We also have the option of resin printing these numbers directly on to labels should you wish.

Honey Packing Wherever you are
We process and pack honey for people all over the UK. We have clients in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, London, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire and Nottinghamshire. We are one of very few honey packers in the UK.