Honey Jarring & Packing

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Jarring or honey filling, just like extraction, can be quite a messy job, especially if you are trying to do it on a budget without the correct equipment. The jarring / filling service that we offer can be to either jar honey you have extracted at your premises, or honey that we have extracted for you. You can either supply your own jars, or we can supply brand new jars and lids. We use a state of the art fully automatic Lyson Premium Filling Machine thats capable of filling up to 350 jars per hour.

The honey jarring / filling service starts from just 20p per jar filled, regardless of jar size. There is a minimum fill of 100 jars to use this service. Minimum service fee is £20 if used in conjunction with other services, otherwise the minimum fee is £65. If you would like us to supply the jars, including a lid of your colour choice. There is also a £30 + VAT clean down charge on top for cleaning equipment, this can be waived if already paying a clean down fee unless you require cleaning in between batches.

NOTE: We are very flexible with regards to pricing and meeting your needs, so don’t take what’s on this page as the only option or price. This is just a a basic example to give you a rough idea of pricing.

NOTE: This example is based on 40 litres honey

Example Jarring Cost:

  • You supply 40 litres of honey in food grade buckets

  • You ask us to supply the jars and to use standard 1lb / 454g round jars

  • You say you don’t want them labelling

  • You would like the jars packed in cases of 12 jars

  • You arrange to have the packaged honey collected

Cost Breakdown:

  • £17.60 = 88x £0.20 per filled jar service fee

  • £61.60 = 88x £0.70 per 454g round jar with lid

  • £30.00 = 1x £30.00 equipment clean down fee

  • £15.60 = 8x £1.95 heavy duty cardboard packing cases

The cost will be £124.80 (VAT Exempt service) = £123.44

This equates to approximately £1.40 per jar, you can then sell them on for around £6 – £8 per jar.


Note: All of our glass jars are brand new and made in the UK, and machine washed.

  • 454g / 16oz Round jar

  • 340g / 12oz Round jar

  • 340g / 12oz Hex jar

  • 227g / 8oz Round jar

  • 227g / 8oz Hex jar

  • 112g / 4oz Round jar







If you would like us to label your jars, we are happy to do this for an additional 5p per jar (up to two labels per jar). You may also want to consider our label design and printing service too.

Honey Processing Services Leaflet: Download PDF Here