Jar Labelling, Design & Print

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Having worked with countless pieces of artwork, and produced a significant number from scratch for many years that have gone into print such as magazines, and merchandise and the like, we are quite capable of producing high quality labels that are totally compliant.

Label Design

If you are serious about having a great looking, totally compliant label on your honey, you should speak to us as we can help design you one and talk you through the options. Labels come in all sorts of sizes, or if you would like a size is different to one of our pre defined sizes, which is a big long list, then we can cater for that too.

We will guarantee that your finished label will be totally compliant with the relevant legislation and your local trading standards office will accept it .

Label Printing

There are countless different size labels you can have from small to full jar wraps. You can have your labels on sheets or rolls, and even select how many per roll and core size etc. Until you know how big your label is, its difficult for us to establish how much it will cost. The best thing to do is finalise your artwork, then work out what finish you want.

  • Digital label printing on sheets

  • High quality digital 7 colour roll printing, including colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Green, Orange & White

  • Laminated, Paper, Polythene, Varnished and embossed labels all available

  • Permanent adhesive and easy peel options available

If you look at around £0.20 + VAT per large paper label, and around £0.05 + VAT per tamper seal, you won’t be far out. Usually it works out best to go with a larger number of labels than you need. You would likely have to spend in the region of £80 + VAT minimum due to minimum quantities.

For an additional fee of £0.05 + VAT per label, we can over print the labels with a permanent resin ink with your batch number and expiry date information or any other details you would like put on after the labels have been printed. This service is only available on roll labels. We use a Zebra GX430t Printer, the resin is incredibly tough and cannot be scratched off.

Jar Labelling Service

If you would like us to label your jars, we are happy to do this for an additional 18p per jar for a single label and 22p per jar for a label and lid seal as two labels. We are very good at this, we do not use a machine at the moment, we hand apply every single label and get them straight first time for 99% of the labels. One of our pet hates is labels that are not applied straight, there is no excuse! One of us can accurately hand apply over 200 full wrap jar labels an hour.