Honey Blending & Creaming

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We have the ability to blend and cream honey in a very controlled way. We use a Lyson heated creaming machine which you can configure cycles on, so that it will stir for 15 mins every hour for up to 72 hours for example, you can even control the speed that it stirs the honey at, as well as what temperature you would like to hold the honey at!

The only requirement on your part is that you provide us with a minimum of 25 litres of honey to make it worth mixing.

We are buying a new creaming machine that will take 150 litres of honey in one go, but until then we can only mix in batches of 50 litres.


NOTE: This example is based on 25 litres of honey (approx. 35 Kg)

Example Extraction Cost One:

  • You supply 25 litres of honey, plus an additional 10% honey seed
    Alternatively you can use our honey extraction service.

  • You ask for it to be heated to 38 degrees Celsius

  • You want us to supply 454g / 1lb jars

  • You ask us to jar the honey

Cost Breakdown:

  • £30.00 = 1x £30.00 Honey Creaming Machine Clean Down Fee

  • £53.90 = 77x 454g / 1lb Round jar @ £0.70 per jar

  • £11.55 = 77x 454g / 1lb Jar filling service @ £0.20 per jar (variable)

  • £50.00 = 1x Service Charge

The cost will be £145.45 – NO VAT / ZERO RATED

This equates to approximately £1.88 per jar which is really good value.

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Honey Processing Services Leaflet: Download PDF Here