We harvest from and run our very own apiaries around the Market Harborough area.

  • We currently have 6 main production apiaries where all our honey comes from

    • Meadow View

    • Forest

    • Orchard

    • Waterside

    • The Langton’s

    • Harborough South

  • Each apiary has site contains up to 15 production colonies

  • Our apiaries are all located within 5 miles or so, of Market Harborough

  • We can trace every single jar of honey that we produce, and where it was sold

We know all of this about every jar of honey…

  • Which Apiary and set of hives the honey came from

  • Which individual hives honey were combined that make up the batch

  • The time and date the honey supers were collected, and when it was processed

  • Who collected the supers , and who processed the honey

  • The percentage of water contained in the honey

  • The Brix reading which is the percentage of natural sugar found in the honey

Would you like some bees on your land?

Maybe you have lots of space or some crops that need a helping hand? If so please get in touch as are always looking for new places to put our bees.