Adopt a Beehive

Our Adopt a Beehive scheme is a great way to do your bit for the environment and assist with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it also helps demonstrate how committed you are to helping the environment. Maybe you have thought of the idea of having a beehive but don’t have the time to look after it. Adopting a beehive from Market Harborough Honey Co. will result in many immediate environmental benefits.  Once the beehive is deployed to one of our apiaries, the bees will get to work straight away helping the planet like these other adopted beehives.

Adopt a beehive - One Hive
£300 per year
Adopt a beehive - Two Hives
£600 per year
Adopt a beehive - Three Hives
£900 per year
The beehive adoption programme helps
us invest in more bees and equipment
Free Beevive Bee Revival Kit
with every adopted bee hive!
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Through our beehive adoption programme you will be making a direct impact on the environment. We need everyone to help promote pollinators and other insects. Supporting our beehive adoption scheme means we can increase our hive numbers which in turn has a positive impact on the environment.

Environmental Benefits of Beehive Adoption

  • Bees are crucial for pollination of plants and crops

  • Bees are required for biodiversity and environmental protection

  • Sustainable farming and income to farmers. Cultivated plants require bees to pollinate them, sustainable farming provides jobs and food that goes on our plates.

  • Bees contribute to very complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist.

  • Bees and insects add in the region of £200 – £400 million into the UK economy through pollination of crops every year.

  • Not just crops, bees also contribute to the growth of wild flowers and plants

Benefits to you

By adopting a beehive from Market Harborough Honey Co. means you will be playing a key part in helping the reverse of the bee decline which studies show has is as much as 30% in recent years. This is a huge step towards being socially responsible. As a business you should be thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the social and economic impact to the environment and how you can play a key part in looking after the planet we live on. Beehive adoption will definitely show your business up in a positive light as it helps demonstrate how committed you are to helping the environment.

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What’s included in the adoption package / beehive?

Our adopt a beehive packages are very competitively priced. As part of the beehive adoption scheme, you will receive the following items per hive that you adopt.

  • 1x Adoption / sponsorship of an Abelo poly Hive. We use Poly hives over wood as they are more productive and over winter better!

  • 1x Full colour , high quality printed dibond aluminium sign (100% recyclable), 310mm x 180mm, bespoke designed plaque with your company logo fixed directly to the beehive.

  • 1x A4 digital adoption certificate

  • 1x A4 adoption certificate sent to you in the post

  • A choice of either:

    • Option1: 8x 340g Jars of of Clear Harborough Honey
      You will receive this in one go when the honey has been harvested.

    • Option 2: 100x 28g Mini Jars of Clear Harborough Honey.
      You will receive this in one go when the honey has been harvested.

  • 4 x high resolution, professional digital images of your adopted beehive 

  • 1x Gold Beevive Bee Revival Kit worth £10.99 (more info)

  • Regular social media updates  of your branded / adopted hive, including pictures and videos, these will be published on our social media sites. You will also have your hive featured on our Adopted Beehives page.

  • A photo of your adopted beehive with your company branding on will be uploaded on to our dedicated adopted beehives page on our website, this will also contain a small write up about you and an environmental message of your choice, this is great for showing customers.

  • All images of your adopted beehive are license free, professional, high resolution images containing your company branding.

You can adopt a beehive from us at any point during the year, we are here every single day to help. To get started, just drop us a message or call us on 01858 220210. We have lots of hives that would like adopting!

Please refer to our terms of adoption here: Adopt a Beehive Terms & Conditions

Beehive Adoption Leaflet: Download PDF Here